Why Take Tea Regularly – Health Benefits

Tea is among the most consumed beverages globally. For example, more than 70 million cups of tea are consumed daily in the UK alone. One of the reasons behind this beverage’s popularity globally is that it is delicious and stimulating. Today, tea brands offer all manner of flavours to address diverse consumer preferences. However, most people do not know that tea provides diverse health benefits. Here is a highlight of some top reasons to take tea regularly.

Tea Improves Metabolism

Several studies have confirmed that several types of tea, including oolong and green tea, help increase calorie expenditure. That, in turn, helps with weight control, a significant health problem for a high percentage of the population. Something to note is that tea is not a complete solution to body weight issues. It can be used alongside other body weight control methods.

Tea Fortifies the Immune System

Tea contains antioxidants known as catechins, which are known to boost the immune system. Most types of tea also contain biotin, commonly known as vitamin H, which plays a part in improving the immune system. Additionally, tea has flavonoid antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage, skin disease, and cardiovascular disease. That means that regularly taking tea reduces the chances of becoming unwell.

Tea Helps with Oral Health

Taking tea regularly can help fight bad breath and prevent tooth decay. For starters, it contains fluoride, which prevents cavities. In addition, the catechin antioxidants kill bacteria in the mouth and help prevent halitosis. Tea also contains magnesium and calcium, which are essential for strong teeth.

Tea Helps Prevent Ageing

Tea has numerous antioxidants that are essential in slowing down the ageing process. That includes those that improve skin health and prevent wrinkling, resulting in a younger appearance.

Tea Improves Digestive Health

The catechins in tea help kill harmful bacteria found in the intestines. In turn, that helps prevent various illnesses such as arteriosclerosis and ulcers. The tannins in tea also help to calm the stomach.