Tea and Coffee Reflected in Art

Making tea and coffee may be seen as a mundane, everyday task, but it has now been elevated into something artistic. Think about the skill of a professional barista who not only produces the perfect cup but does so with style. The fusion of art and tea and coffee is not new; many painters have portrayed these favourite beverages through the years. This has led to the availability of prints on the same theme that can enhance any home.

Coffee as Art

Many well-known paintings reflect the love of coffee, turning it into artwork to be admired. One notable example is by Juan Gris, a Spanish artist who favoured cubism and deconstructed a coffee grinder in his painting. For those seeking a similar look, the renowned online retailer Desenio has a huge range of prints featuring coffee. A simple search on their platform reveals over 100 prints on this subject.

Tea in Paintings

Tea is no less popular when it comes to art featuring the making and drinking of this beverage. For example, Mary Cassatt’s Five O’Clock Tea is still relevant today despite being over 100 years old. In fact, when looking for prints of tea, there are hundreds to choose from at Desenio at an affordable price. Mixing and matching prints of tea and coffee would create a stylish gallery for any room.

No longer just a morning ritual, each sip of delicious tea and coffee can be seen as an inspiration for art.