The Popularity of Coffee Shops

Today, there has been a vast increase in the number of coffee shops and chains, particularly in the US and the UK. In the UK there is the Costa Brand, Caffé Nero and Starbucks, to name just a few. So why have they become so popular.?

There are many reasons for this. They bridge a gap between the traditional café and bars, and they provide a comfortable environment in which to enjoy a good quality cup of coffee (or tea!) and a snack. The trained baristas can make an excellent quality drink, whether you prefer latte or espresso.

The coffee shops have become favourite meeting places. If someone wants to get together with friends but does not necessarily want to go out drinking alcohol, the coffee shop is a good alternative. While they are not always affordable for those who are strapped for cash, they are also not the most expensive places to go, and an afternoon out with friends might cost you less than £10 in total.

As with many public bars and cafes, the coffee shops invariably offer free wi-fi so you can chat online, and this is ideal if you need to work in relative peace and quiet for a while. There is also usually no pressure for people to leave after a while, so you can relax or work, and move on in your own good time.

There are also plenty to choose from, so finding a coffee shop that suits you is not going to be a problem!