Tea Rooms and Flamboyant Floor Décor

When people start their own tea room business, they may be tempted to choose a reasonably traditional interior design. However, this can make it hard for the business to find its voice. If these companies cannot distinguish themselves from rivals, then customer traffic will tend to be low.

Instead, it is better to go for something more striking. The first step is finding a colourful and exciting type of floor décor. For example, the website TrendCarpet offers a range of rugs that would be perfect for tea rooms. They supply items in numerous different colours and styles. Managers will therefore have plenty of choice.

Joyful Hues

Each different colour will affect the mood of customers in different ways. For example, a pink rug from TrendCarpet is likely to spark joy. There are many ways to come up with inspiration for the right shade of rug. Managers could even base it on the colours of the herbal teas being served. The important thing is that people who walk into the tea room feel happy.

Children’s Rooms

A fair number of these businesses cater to young people in particular. They could create a party space for customers to hire out. These areas will usually be utilised for birthday parties and seasonal celebrations. Spaces aimed at children need to be exceptionally bright and visually engaging. For example, the tea room may wish to purchase multiple rugs in contrasting colours. TrendCarpet will give these businesses numerous options.

Deciding on a Shape

Once the manager has decided on the ideal range of colours for their tea room rugs, they then need to consider the shape. The two most popular options are circular or rectangular. Both are great for creating a unique and fun atmosphere. The former works better for opening the space of smaller tea rooms. They also soften the edges of the furniture. However, larger businesses will likely prefer rectangular rugs.

Customer and Staff Safety

When picking a rug, the safety of the people within the tea room needs to be a priority. TrendCarpet supplies several non-slip rugs. These are perfect for kitchen environments. However, if the manager still prefers a standard rug, they should be placed in an area where customers cannot trip over them. The rugs also need to be clearly visible.