Green Tea and Infection

Green tea can help the body to fight off infections. This is thanks to the catechins contained within the tea. Studies have been undertaken which show that they can kill off certain types of bacteria, and also help to prevent viruses such as flu from becoming stronger. This means that the body’s risk of infection is much lower.

One type of bacteria which is present in the body is Streptococcus mutans. This can be found in the mouth, and it is a harmful bacteria. It leads to the formation of plaque, and it is a primary factor in both tooth decay and cavities. There have been some fascinating studies that show that the growth of this bacteria can be restricted by the catechins contained within green tea. The consumption of green tea, in general, is considered to be good for dental health.

For oral health in general, green tea should be part of a person’s daily routine. Some studies have suggested that bad breath can be improved by consuming a cup or two of green tea each day. However, anyone who has any concerns about oral health should still consult their dentist.