Fairtrade Tea and Coffee

Suppose you care about the environment but also like a cup of tea or coffee. Why not consider purchasing Fairtrade products? Although Fairtrade goods are often slightly more expensive than commercially grown products, the money goes directly to the farmers who produce them. In return, the farmers agree to provide good working conditions for their workers and farm the tea and coffee in an environmentally friendly way. This reduces poverty for workers and farmers in developing countries and ensures that their industry is sustainable for future generations. Being eco-conscious, you will also want to extend your principles to purchasing goods such as your next refurbished iphone or MacBook. Here’s where a company called mResell can help.

Why Consider mResell?

Refurbished products help in the control of greenhouse gas and assist with the recycling of precious materials. Just as you are doing your bit for the environment by purchasing Fairtrade tea and coffee, the same applies when you need a new iPhone. The online company mResell can offer a wide selection of recycled iPhones complete with a guarantee and a substantial saving on the price of new Apple phones. Their products range from the Apple iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In total, they offer 19 different iPhone models from this iconic range of smartphones. Their iPhones come in a range of colours such as:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Space Grey

All products come with up to 12 months warranty and are guaranteed to be refurbished to the highest standards. This company, mResell, is extending the lifetime of what was once thought of as a disposable product with a limited lifespan. As such, they are in good company with Fairtrade who are also concerned about sustaining our world’s environment.


Drinking tea and coffee has many health benefits and is most people’s choice of beverage. Fairtrade products are essential to those who consider that saving the planet and promoting a just and equitable society to be a priority. You can obtain Fairtrade tea and coffee from reputable supermarkets and coffee shops. Have a look online so you know where you can get these and help the future be more sustainable. As well as being eco-friendly, you are making a contribution to society by paying a fair price for your tea and coffee purchase. This little bit of extra expense is worth it. You can always save money by buying a refurbished iPhone from mResell as well.