Green Tea and Longevity

There is nothing to suggest that green tea can prevent you from dying, but given the varied range of health benefits that it brings, it is fair to think that it may be able to help you to live a few extra years.

Studies have shown that green tea can help to prevent infection, help the body to fight off free radicals, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of cancer and reduce the risk of diabetes. With all of these health benefits in mind, it is clear that being healthier could help you to live longer.

And it should be noted that green tea is extremely popular in Japan, where the people do live longer lives. Studies have been undertaken which show that people in Japan who have at least five cups of delicious green tea per day were less likely to die. The data of more than 40000 people were included in this study, which suggests that it was very comprehensive research. Further studies among elderly people in Japan also supported these findings.

So consider adding a few cups of green tea to your regime each day; it will probably be worth it!